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The Rating System

Most places will rate how hard a modification is to do with "stars" or "wrenches" (this will be a 4 wrench job). I am a little more realistic. We all know a day under the car can be painful, and there is usually the need for a band aid or two. With that in mind, I will rate my modifications section based upon the number of pints of blood you can expect to lose from performing this modification. You may also infer from this how many aspirin you will need the day after to take care of the soreness. Therefore, the rating system:

Difficulty Explanation
One Pint: An easy mod that will require little time and perhaps one band aid.
Two Pints: Still not a hard mod, perhaps taking 30 minutes to one hour and requiring band aids and antibacterial ointment.
Three Pints: Now you are talking- expect large skin abrasions and one to two hours of your time.
Four Pints: Ace bandages and ice packs mandatory, as are large sterile gauze pads. This will take up two to four hours of your day, and allow you to find muscles you did not remember having but are now very sore.
Five Pints: Just call the paramedics and have them on standby- you will probably break one or more bones and require dozens of stitches. You will no longer want to transport your loved ones in the car for fear of their safety. This mod will take you better than four hours.

Click For Link Modification and Description
22B Replica Front Grill

The authentic 22B grill is a molded part of the 22B front bumper. This is the closest we can have to the real thing.
Chrome STi Gas Cap

How to get the chromed STi gas/oil cover to fit onto your stock Impreza gas cap.
Debadging Your Trunk

A quick page on how to remove the "Subaru" badging from the trunklid of an Impreza. These same steps can be used to removing dealer logos and pinstriping.
Eurospec Headlamp Washers

A page detailing the steps I took to install a set of headlamp washers, as found on Continental European Imprezas.
Headlamp And Grill Swap

How to perform a headlamp and grill swap.
JDM Automagic Folding Mirrors

Not so much difficult as time consuming, this modification is a real head-turner. The outside rear view mirrors fold back against the body at the touch of a switch, instead of pushing them by hand. As found on the STi Version 6 (among other) JDM spec models.
Lighted Grill Badge

Detailed instructions on how to backlight your grill badge to make it shine at night.
Locking Gas Door

A how-to for installtion of a locking gas door in the Impreza RS. This is an extensive process, so have a whole afternoon free before undertaking this modification.
Lower Grill Mod

An inexpensive way to provide protection for your lower radiator.
Painted Grill Badges

Some ideas on what colors to paint your grill badge.
Power Antenna Mod

A page with information on installing a power antenna in the rear driver's quarter panel, as found on Eurospec and Japan Spec Imprezas.
STi Mudflaps

A page on how to make yourself a set of STi Replica Mudflaps, including patterns and full installation instructions.
STi Version 6 Chin Spoiler

A page detailing the installation of an STi Version 6 Chin Spoiler on the Impreza front bumper cover.
STi Version 6 Plate Bracket/Plate Lights

A page detailing the installation of an STi Version 6 rear license plate bracket and license plate lights.
STi Version 6 Rear Bumper Cover

Installation instructions for the STi Version 6 Rear Bumper cover.
STi Version 6 Rear Wiper

Instructions for installing a rear wiper on your sedan or coupe- not for the faint of heart; this is a mod that will take quite some time and quite some money, though proves very useful.

Standard Disclaimer: Modification of your car involves risks and may void your warranty. I can not be held responsible for the modifications you consciously decide to undertake nor for the results of doing so.