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This page is a storehouse for useful technical tips Subaru publishes for the Service Departments at the local dealerships. These PDF's span the gamut of the Subaru model lineup, so you may have to hunt for information relative to your model and year. Questions or comments? Feel free to email me.

Braking System
ABS System Overview
Brake system flushing and bleeding
Secondary Circuit Failure in Master Cylinder due to extreme cold

Electrical System
Battery charging information
Checking airbag harness
Checking the alternator for trouble
Cooling fan operation
Daytime Running Lights troubleshooting
Depowered Airbag reference sheet
Electrical component location reference list
Forester Fuel System quick connector
Fuse SBF-2 blowing out in Legacy models
Grounding system information
Headlight aiming
Ignition coil testing
Ignition operation and diagnosis
Ignition relays
Improper window operation
More on the Supplemental Restraint System
Page to help identify different relays in your vehicle
Supplemental Restraint System
Synchronizing a new remote to the keyless entry system
Terminal sliding resistance
Use of accessories in the lighter socket

2.2 liter engine overhaul/rebuild
2.2 liter engine timing belt replacement
2.5 liter DOHC engine timing belt replacement
2.5 liter engine knocking/tapping
Crankshaft and camshaft reluctors
DOHC engine valve adjustment
DTC P1507
Emissions system service
Engine noise when cold on 1997 2.2/2.5 engines
Engine noise when cold on 1999-2000 2.2/2.5 engines
Evaporative emissions system
Exhaust smell when car is cold
Extreme cold weather warmup and OBD-II
Fuel and emissions
Knock sensor issues
Leaking front camshaft seals
Legacy belt tension
Legacy engine belt guides
Legacy knock sensor malfunction
Loyale/Justy AC problems
Loyale/Legacy Hydraulic Lash Adjusters
MIL Strategy 2001 and later
On Board Diagnostics system
P0440 DTC
Subaru engine/transmission fluid change
Sulfur smell from exhaust
SVX spark plug change information
Throttle stop screw
Use of oil additives in Subaru engines
Where to locate piston and main journal sizes on the engine block

1995 Legacy suspension squeak
Air supension diagnosis
Air suspension operation
Pop from Legacy suspension
Squeak noise from suspension when cold
Squeaking SVX struts
Subaru steering systems
Subaru suspension systems
Tire circumference differences and their effect on the AWD system

Transmission and Drivetrain
4EAT brake band adjustment
4EAT shift maps/schedules
4EAT transmission/rear differential gear ratios
4EAT trouble codes
4EAT will not go into any gear
5MT clutch replacement
5MT first gear popping out (additional information)
5MT first gear popping out on deceleration
Front axles and drive boots
Installing a new clutch hub in an older 4EAT
No reverse or second gear on 3EAT
Rear axle binding on sharp turns
Rear differential leaking
Repeat planetary gear failure in 4EAT
Shifter rattle
State emissions testing
The Subaru 4EAT transmission
Towing a Subaru vehicle
Transfer gear phase-matching
Two-wheel dyno damage
Wheel alignment proceedure
Wheel bearing replacement

Vent System and Air Conditioning
AC hose caution
AC is not cool enough
AC mechanism and function
AC not working on Impreza/Forester
AC retrofit for 97-94 models
AC retrofit from R-12 to R-134a
AC service and testing
AC system leak testing
AC system pressure testing
AC system service regulations
AC system technical tips
AC system theory
Center vent airflow
Forester thermal expansion valve
Frozen wipers/fresh air scoop
Legacy AC chirp
Legacy AC compressor
Noise from Forester passenger vents
Postal Legacy AC system
R-134a refrigerant information
Refrigerant substitution warning
Subaru AC systems
SVX evaporative thermosensor replacement
Use of dyes in the Subaru AC system

10 Year Supplemental Restraint System checkup
1996 models and "not ready" notification for OBD-II
1996 OBD-II readiness codes
Airbag deployment from hitting tow hooks
Car will not take fuel
Cold-weather driveability
Graphics/Press kit
Maintenance Inspections
P0130 DTC (O2 sensor)
P0440 DTC (Forester)
Poor drainage of rocker panels
Removing speedometer cable on 4EAT transmission
Speed limiter on Legacy
Subaru Scheduled Maintenance
Subaru VIN decoder
What each portion of a Subaru part number means
Wiper blade hits "A" pillar
Wiper refill chart

Standard Disclaimer: Modification of your car involves risks and may void your warranty. I can not be held responsible for the modifications you consciously decide to undertake nor for the results of doing so.