I had to take care of the overheating problem with the BRAT, and things got a bit more dramatic than they really should have- take a look here.
I gave the BRAT quite the extensive tune up the other day- it includes cap, rotor, plugs, wires, fuel filters, air filter, as well as ripping the Chapman anti-theft out of the car. That will not protect the car in this day and age, and I do not have the key for it!
I did quite the cleanup and rustproofing job on the stock air cleaner. For the time being, I have no plans of any 'performance' upgrades to the BRAT, just restoration and "get it running" work. The air cleaner box was quite rusty, but looks great now.
The fuel tank is in, and I installed a new fuel level sender as well. Hopefully, when I finally get all the fuel lines replaced, the fuel gauge will work again. It is a fairly common problem, as I replaced one on my old Brat as well.

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