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This is a quick table letting you know which wire is supposed to lead to what wire on the stock WRX headlamp wiring harness. If you should have any questions, feel free to email me.

How's this for confusion- the stock headlamp assembly has two connectors: one connector for the turn signal/indicator marker light and another for the main 9007 bulb, but the Prodrive unit has four: one for the turn/indicator, one for the aiming motor, one for a relay, and one for god knows what. The aiming motor is not used, as the US WRX is not equipped with the headlight levelling system. The manual aiming screws are used to aim the unit. The harness on the Prodrive unit will not match that of the stock US WRX headlamp connector, so you have to cut and splice wires together (or fashion a harness of your own). The colors that are to be connected are as follows:

Passenger Side Driver Side
OEM Ground Blue/White to UK300 Red/Blue OEM Ground Red/Blue to UK300 Red/Blue
OEM High Red to UK300 Red OEM High Red to UK300 Red
OEM Low Yellow/Red to UK300 Yellow/Green OEM Low Yellow/Red to UK300 Yellow/Green

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