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A detailed schematic view of the pinouts on the Impreza Radio Main Body wiring harness. The two "X" marks indicate where there is a blank spot left on the connector by the clip on the harness. Just for further clarification, this is the view you would see of the main body harness that connects to the stock radio if the connector was facing you and the wires were facing back into the dash. The wire colors shown are those found on my 2000 Impreza RS- your wire colors may be the same, or they may be different. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Pin Wire Color Function
1 White/Yellow Illumination (+)
2 Red/Yellow Front Right Speaker +
3 Brown/White Front Left Speaker +
4 Blue/Yellow Rear Right Speaker +
5 White/Red Rear Left Speaker +
6 Blue/Red Constant Power For Memory +
7 Yellow/Blue Illumination (-)
8 White/Black Front Right Speaker -
9 Green Front Left Speaker -
10 Yellow/Green Accessory Power + (Keyed Off Of Ignition)
11 Black Chassis Ground
12 Red/White Rear Right Speaker -
13 Red/Black Rear Left Speaker -
14 N/A Unused

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