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Just a quick page detailing how to change out the PCV valve. These instructions were written based upon the system in a 2000 Impreza RS, but it will be very similar for most Naturally Aspirated Subarus. This is a very easy job- 10 minutes or less! If you should have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me and ask.

The PCV valve will be located in your intake manifold, to the left side of the throttle body and behind the coil pack if you are facing the engine bay. It will be hard to see as there is a black breather tube covering most of it. Most Imprezas, Legacys, and Foresters will use a 11810AA000 PCV valve. 2002 and later Legacys will use a 11810AA040 PCV valve. 6 cylinder Legacys will use a 11810AA021 PCV valve. Your dealership can help if you are uncertain.

Squeeze the clamp and pull it back several inches, then pull the breather tube off of the PCV valve. It is not uncommon to see a bit of oil in the breather or in the valve itself. Take a 19mm deep socket and unscrew the PCV valve. It may be tight but it will come out.

Insert the new PCV valve and tighten firmly. Do not overtighten, as you will strip the threads in the intake manifold- just make it snug. Replace the breather hose and clamp, and you are done!

Standard Disclaimer: Modification of your car involves risks and may void your warranty. I can not be held responsible for the modifications you consciously decide to undertake nor for the results of doing so.

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